Cats can be mysterious creatures: sometimes gentle and cuddly, sometimes prickly and unapproachable. It is precisely these extremes that fascinate us, and are the reason that we love our cats so much – they are our personal stars! My Star wet food is a balanced, complete food for adult cats. This extensive selection includes tender mousse and fine chunks in a gravy or jelly, all of which are exceptionally delicious thanks to the high quantities of meat and beneficial offal, as well as the unique, mouth-watering recipes.

The range of flavour varieties allows you to pamper your cat at each meal, with a new menu every day. These dishes also provide your cat with all the nutrients needed for a healthy, balanced diet. My Star also offers irresistible snacks and treats for rewarding your cat between meals and complementing its complete diet, including tasty Milky Cups and succulent Creamy Snacks in a number of flavour options. Even the choosiest cat will be satisfied with the great variety of gourmet My Star products!